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Recycling Efforts

Quality- Our goal is to build a shed that will not only look good and meet the needs of the customer immediately but will remain as beautiful and functional and continue to be an asset to both the customer and to the property for many years to come.  The only way to build a shed that will do all that is to build it right and to build it using quality materials.  We build every shed with the same materials and craftsmanship we have used to build sheds for our friends, neighbors and even family.

Value- Our years of experience have taught us which materials are best suited for your shed's specific needs.  This knowledge allows us to build your shed to last longer than our competitor's sheds.  Value is exhibited in the longevity of our sheds.

Flexibility - We don't like to make cookie-cutter sheds.  We can and have but we prefer to build your shed to custom suit your specific needs.  Would you like your building a little longer, shorter, wider, narrower, taller - no problem!  Would you prefer more or less of a slope on your roof, maybe a skylight or 2 or a turbine vent  - no problem.  We can even insulate, sheetrock, paint, install carpet, tile or laminate or even wood floor coverings, we can even add as many electrical outlets and/or lights as you would like - no problem.  While many of our competitors will not make changes to their designs we see it as the cornerstone of our success.

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We are dedicated to using products that are made from recycled and/or engineered wood when possible without compromising the integrity of our buildings.  Even our cut-offs are kept and recycled into various things including furniture.  Below are some pictures of furniture made out of our cut-offs.

We specialize in building your shed the way you want it!
We beat our competition in Quality and Price! 



Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done.